donderdag 10 juli 2008

Why Ryan Air Sucks

We booked a flight for the whole family to go on holiday in Ireland.

Unfortunately, my wife booked our children under the wrong name. For instance, in the passport of my eldest daughter, it says her name is Elisabeth. We call her Lisa and that's what was on the ticket. She is 6 years old.

The airport offered to change the names for 150 euro's each ($250). The tickets where bought originally (excl tax) for 30 euro ($50). We could not afford that.

There was no discussion about a mix-up of names, it was very clear that this was no more than a honest administrative mistake from my wife and that they could fix it within 3 minutes, with the terminal which was on their desk. The Ryan Air people also said so to my face.

We could not board the plane.

My children left the airport crying.

Total damages:
- Tickets for 5 people: 500 euro ($800)
- Car at our holiday destination: 200 euro ($300)
- Hotel: 600 euro ($1000)

Total: 1300 euro ($2100) + crying children in the car back home

I will never, ever fly with Ryan Air anymore.